For every place that you visit, there are a number of monuments and sites that you cannot miss. The same is with Jakarta, a city of wonder, a city of bustling nightlife, and a city that is the perfect melting pot of Indonesian culture. Below are four places that might not be as well known as Kota Tua or the National Monument, Monas, but are still places that you should not be missing out on whenever you visit the busy city of Jakarta. This Blog talks about the  Best Parts of Travelling to Jakarta, to let know you know all the reasons to get excited.

Gereja Sion There are a number of people, religious advocates, who plan travelling to Jakarta for the sole purpose of visiting Gereja Sion, the oldest church in the city. The church, influences by Jakarta’s early Portuguese settlers, portrays an exterior that is the very embodiment of subtlety. But once inside the church, you can marvel in the ornate interiors, complete with the most exotic chandeliers, an embellished organ, as well as a baroque pit. The church is conveniently located near the Kota train station. Gereja Sion was built back in 1695, and to date attracts hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. The church is built right outside the city walls and is rather easy to get to, and despite its daily visitor count, it is rarely jam packed.

Kali Besar Located just a block west of the famous Taman Fatahilla Square is Kali Besar, the perfect place for busy travelers, where they can find a little sanctuary for a little rest and relaxation, away from the rhythmic and hectic city grind. If it is a remote area that you are looking for, to clear your mind, to appreciate a quiet moment, to absorb the surrounding scenery, and to spend a little time with yourself, then Kali Besar is exactly what you are looking for. This area earlier used to be a very ritzy and busy area, but now is covered by a run of trees and greenery that hugs the banks of the canal. You can stroll along the water of the canal, and gaze at the beautiful old homes that are a reminder of the 1800s, and the sheer remoteness of the place can take you away from all the struggles of daily life for a while.

Jakarta History Museum In the old town hall of Batavia rests the Jakarta History Museum which exists as a powerful reminder of Jakarta’s old Dutch rule. The bell tower hall that was built ages ago in 1627, is one of the many beautiful structures and artifacts that have been drawing history buffs to add this venue to their Jakarta travel agendas. Within the walls of the Jakarta History Museum, lie courts and dungeons that are filled with solid, carved furniture, ornate woodwork, and memorabilia from the Dutch leaders of old. Portraits of the old Dutch generals adorn the walls of the museum, and in the back courtyard you can find a memorial to Pieter Erbervelt who was an anti-Dutch conspirator. To remember the conspirator, a bold and, according to some, bizarre, statue was built. The statue is in the shape of a canon that gradually becomes a human fist. This statue is rather well known in Indonesia as a clear sex symbol, and that is why some women gather around the statue in pursuit of fertility and luck in love.

Dunia Fantasi Whether you have kids or you don’t, be sure that you do not miss out on the Dunia Fantasi. This theme park is Indonesia’s answer to Disneyland. A sprawling ad chaotic recreation area, the Dunia Fantasi theme park has so many attractions that it can pull your attention in a hundred directions in a minute. From its makeshift “Main Street” to its intriguing Puppet Castle, it is not exactly the scene for a romantic and cultural getaway, but is certainly a guaranteed afternoon of fun for bored kids and adults alike looking for daring thrills. If you want to stay at a hotel budget, go visit RedDoorz.




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