Hello, My name Jodi. 

When I was in College (2015) I really wanted to go abroad but still if you need actualization you need to have a ‘modal’ to reach that goals. #keepdreaming. Time passed and I welcomed 2017 the year in which I made my first passport, when I had an interview and photo section with immigration officer.

Officer asked: “where are you going?” I was completely stressed out because I don’t have a plan to go anywhere. Spontanly I told him: “Ooh! I’m going to Singapore this New Year, here I know how sinful I was at that time. A year passed and my poor passport would be moldy. But it's ok #enjoytheprocess. 

Hi 2018 welcome and hope you will be my lucky year. I struggle hard-working to get a better life, one day I checked saving money, I was surprised due I have around 4 mio already. I was thinking of continuing my education with that money but there was a little demon telling me to achieve my first goals which is GOING ABROAD!!! #chill 
Search for a destination, the first thing is I don’t want to spend a lot of money during my journey. So I decided Singapore would be my destination. #looksofancy 

Preparation to go to Singapore, May 2018 I booked a ticket using Airaisa.com which is the cheapest price at the time is around 70SGD from Jakarta to Singapore. Then I booked Hostel close to market and tourism places, I found RedDoorz Hostel @ Clarke Quay located so strategic and the price was 18SGD/night. 

In the same time I make an itinerary in Singapore, I would spend 3 days 2 nights, well basically I don’t have a fixed itinerary, because I would enjoy and relax to explore when I reach Singapore, so I just learn which tourism places that are possible to visit. 

Day 1: Arrive in Changi Airport in the morning of 30 July 2018

The first impression to see Singapore is so wonderful. They live with a diverse so very unique and the city so great, the best experience so far. 30 mins after landing I feel that it’s not my comfort zone, the first journey in another country is a chance for me to be more brave and think smart. Immigration Singapore officer held me for 10 mins to check my passport. They asked me in detail such as Hostel address, stay period and returning ticket, you will show all vouchers and tickets too. It’s my base experience, but if I see other visitors they just need 3 minute to pass. 


To reach Hostel, I use MRT, my first experiencewith MRT that so amazing #lol. There is a ticket for tourist pass that comes with a fixed cost per day of 10SGD. But I prefer to choose a one way price. It's around 2-5SGD and goes to Clarke Quay MRT. 

My Hostel is about 3 mins walk from that station, after check in, I prepared to walk around Singapore. Anyway, here I got trouble with my phone. Because enable to connect to the internet, so it would be more adventure due there is no map to guide me to explore Singapore. First day I just walked around the hostel. There is Little India and Chinatown to culinary. 

Day 2: My Hostel was great clean and the reception so friendly, they provide me a breakfast that means a lot to me as budget traveler

Maybe some traveler would be suggested to book in different hotel every night. It's true too, but I'm personally more comfortable to stay in one place to rest. The second wonderful day I went to Merlion Statue, a symbol of the state of Singapore is about 1,2 km and 15 mins walk. This statue is a mandatory photo spot for me. 

I feel so blessed here, around that place there are Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay and many close tourism place from Merlion. After that, I’m going to The Orchard Road area. Which is a great place to shop, but I just wanna take a look around and buy the famous ice cream. Singapore has excellent public transportation system that makes getting around convenient and easy to go everywhere. 


Day 3. Good morning Singapore! Today is my last day here

Hostel check out would be at 12:00 so I would keep my stuff in the Hostel then continue going to Bugis Street, Bugis Street is one of the oldest districts in Singapore and there are culinary and many options of gifts/ souvenirs. Recommended to buy chocolate it’s only 1 SGD/pack it's very cheap. After that I come back to Hostel to pick up my bag then continue to Airport and Home. Check my bank account. It's not more than 2 mio all in to spend 3 days in Singapore with a simple destination and visit free tourism places. 

First of all, my propose to understand how people abroad lives then I could learn many things such as creativity and problem solving through understanding various cultures. My journey was awesome. I would just have to come back another time. #moreexplore. 

-Thank you to read my travel story- 

Virdha Jodi Prasmana


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