3 must-try activities to do to enjoy your time off to the fullest even without leaving the Metro

Sure, it must’ve been a tiring work week, especially if you happen to be working in one of the Philippines’ busiest premiere business and leisure hubs like Makati City. The traffic, unpredictable weather, stress brought about by work, among other things can take their toll on you in the long run.

The bottomline: You, indeed, deserve a sound and quality rest and relish every opportunity to get one.  

The good thing is, you don’t really need to look elsewhere or travel that far if you’re looking for a place to crash. Besides, the long and arduous commute can certainly eat up a lot of time when you should be relaxing at your hotel suite, be it with your family, friends or you’re riding solo.

Opting to have a staycation to maximize the time is a smart choice. That’s why we’ve listed down some of the activities that you or your peers may try that’ll surely make it worth your while:

Enjoy your suite to the fullest

Hold your horses. Before stepping outside your hotel room to do some activities, drop by a restaurant, do some shopping or visit a park around the corner, why not make the most of what your suite has to offer first? 

At the end of the day, it’s all about spending some quality time with the family or me-time, right? Take RedDoorz Premium near Greenbelt in Makati City for instance. 

RedDoorz Premium near Greenbelt Makati

RedDoorz Premium near Greenbelt Makati

Since it features fully-furnished and comfy rooms that’ll make you feel at home, you can have a pleasant stay, to say the least. Even better, each room has high-speed Wi-Fi connection and TVs with cable, enabling you to relax, surf or do movie marathons with ease.     

And hey, have we mentioned that we have round-the-clock staff  in place who can even help you map out your itinerary? 

Step out and explore

Let’s face it: Sometimes we let a lot of stuff take over. We tend to forget to hit the pause button, breathe and appreciate some places that we usually take for granted, just because we’re too busy.

In Makati, for example, there’s quite a handful of landmarks, leisure and entertainment spots where you may try visiting, in case you haven’t yet. 

Great thing, RedDoorz Premium is situated at the heart of Makati. Located nearby Greenbelt, you and your friends can hit the Ayala Museum. If you feel like walking a bit more, then visit the San Lorenzo Village Museum, as well, to satisfy your craving for art.    

Pre-hispanic sailboat at Ayala Museum (Photo courtesy of phtourguide.com)

Ayala Museum (Photo courtesy of pageone.ph)

On top of a wide host of shopping malls to choose from, you can also hit the Salcedo Saturday Market or Legazpi Sunday Market (if your booking dates happen to coincide on these days). You know the drill.     

Make every moment count

Just because you’re not leaving the Metro to unwind doesn’t mean that you won’t have a great relaxation time. In fact, even when in Makati, there’s a lot of places to visit and activities to do after replenishing some of your energy, of course. 

Ayala Triangle Gardens (Photo by: Laarni Operana)

Remember: Staycations aren’t just about sleeping and chilling inside your hotel room and there’s more to them that’s worth the experience. 

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