Valentine’s Day is in! Pero love not found? Don’t worry! Hindi naman porket single ka, wala ka nang mahahanap na ka-match! 

Why not treat yourself with a relaxing staycation not because you are isolating yourself from the world, but because you need no man or woman to make you happy? 

Self-love is the best love, kaya naman here’s a list of affordable RedDoorz properties that can match you ngayong SINGLE AWARENESS DAY!

RedDoorz Plus @ The Ridge Tagaytay

*You need to be in a place where a heartwarming Bulalo can fill your stomach and soul. ‘Wag kang mag-alala, the weather may be cold as his/her heart, but an amazing view awaits you here! A little soul-searching might be something you’ll enjoy. 

RedDoorz @ Ruby Las Pinas

*Bea and Lloydie fanatic? Sure kaming alam mo ‘yung movie nilang One More Chance. Oh, ‘wag kang umasa. But RedDoorz @ Ruby Las Pinas is a good place to watch all of those heartbreaking movies because of the flatscreen TV. And since you are alone, the TV is all yours. 

RedDoorz near Poblacion Makati

*Deserve mo ng night out! After all of the things you’ve been through, a kick in the heart brought about by alcohol isn’t bad at all. Party all night and sleep all day after might just be the best thing. 

RedDoorz Suites @ Gilmore Tower

*This legit can be a blissful staycation. We have a kitchen, a pool, and a gym here. Luto dito, swim doon, pa-mirror selfie sa gym? Baka dito mo ma-realize that being single can actually feel this liberating and comforting. Kasi, you’ve got everything you need at this moment. 

RedDoorz Plus @ Jones Avenue Cebu

*An independent strong individual like you would want to explore Cebu City! Bukod sa it is a go-to-city of those who need to break away from the Metro, it is also such a humble, warm, and welcoming city because of the Cebuanos. Hindi mo mararamdaman ang “Alone Syndrome.” 

RedDoorz @ Prince JB Beach Resort Zamabales

*You need the beach. The sensation of the sand on your feet. Last minute solo travels are nerve-wracking but it’s sure can set your heart ablaze. Keep your heart burning for more experiences! 

RedDoorz Plus @ Poblacion District Davao

*A different city that you can explore by yourself. Oo, we are really promoting that solo traveling is best for your soul. Hindi naman laging umaalis because kailangan mong mag-mend ng broken heart, but there’s something fulfilling about going out there and experiencing it on your own!

You should know by now that Happy Heart’s Day isn’t created just for the lovebirds. It’s also for someone who found love in freedom and in one's self. After all, nobody’s going to hold you back from making your heart happy. 


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