Today, we concentrate on you. 

With everything that is happening globally, it is now important more than ever that we look after our well beings. Being stuck at home because of the lockdown can mean people having enough time to work on their physical, emotional, and mental health through means that are available to them. However, keeping the body and mind healthy is a continuous process of self-care. 

And so we hope that these self-care tips below can help you navigate and achieve a healthy lifestyle even during the quarantine!

**Start cooking your favorite meals!*

*Comfort yourself by cooking your favorite meals and snacks. According to some, cooking is therapeutic and it’s the one thing that the lockdown has forced us to be good at. Aside from preparing healthy and delicious meals that can boost our immune system, it eases one’s mind from all the negativity that we see and hear every day. 

**Make time for your skin!*

*A daily skincare routine can improve and maintain your overall skin health. Apply moisturizer, cleanse with a toner, put a facial mask on your face to always keep it clean and healthy! You can also go online to get skincare tips to form the experts. But it is important that you eat right and have complete sleep, too, to help you achieve your desired results. 

**Summer sa bathroom! *

*Missing the beach? Your summer vacations are put on hold, for sure. Don’t fret! You can have your summer trip escape in your bathrooms! Soothe your mind and body with a relaxing bath as many as you want and let the cold water wash over the heat in your body this summer season. 

**Read a book and keep on learning!*

*You can never go wrong with your personal downtime if you spend it while having a good read. Take your mind off things and read stories that could get you elsewhere in the world. A nice book in your hand is also a step to learning different things. Enjoy it!

**Devote some time to have inner peace. *

*Somehow, people may feel anxious and insecure about what their future holds after everything gets back to the way things were. Let’s not forget that what you do at this moment can contribute to your physical and mental health. Devote some time to have inner peace and just take things slowly. Sit still, be grateful for this moment, and do not pressure yourself too much to get things done. 

Meditate, eat healthily, and relax. Nothing matters right now except you. Apply these self-care tips to your everyday lives and enjoy some quality time with yourself while on home quarantine! 

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