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As we know, the pandemic has spread globally and the hospitality sector is one of the most affected sectors since people have become hesitant to stay at hotels due to health and safety reasons. This is why once people are allowed to travel again, customers will look for an  assurance of cleanliness as part of their top of mind requirements when booking a stay. 

In the foreseeable future, hotels who give assurance to customers on good sanitation practices will capture more demand.  Therefore today, RedDoorz launches the “HygienePass” certification program as a hallmark of sanitation and cleanliness for hotels.

What is HygienePass?

*RedDoorz is collaborating with a prominent public  health expert  Dr. Renzo Guinto, M.D., DrPH to conduct training and provide guidance for the programme 

This programme aims to assure travellers that a hotel establishment has proactively implemented various **good hygiene & sanitation measures* in order to manage ongoing health risks. RedDoorz consolidates ALL certified hotels and creates the **largest network* of such establishments available for consumers to browse, check, and book on its website and mobile platforms.

Why HygienePass?

**Guided by a public health expert*

Training and consultation provided to the RedDoorz team by Dr. Renzo Guinto, M.D., DrPH

**Trusted by users*

RedDoorz Users have stayed in more than 2,000 RedDoorz properties across five countries.


RedDoorz is utilizing a reliable technology to ensure the operational support on the certification.

How does it work?

The hotels bearing the certification mark have undergone a comprehensive audit process in which a set of criteria have been inspected by/according to independent assessors. These criteria essentially guarantee the following: 

**Premises* : the physical location of the hotel is cleaned and sanitized frequently. **Hotel staff* : the members of the hotel staff are healthy. **Hotel guests* : all hotel guests are temperature screened and travel/health declarations are taken upon check-in. **Certification* : the hotel establishments must adhere to a daily/weekly control mechanism in order to retain “ HygienePass ” certification.

Certification during the Lockdown

Each respective staff will have pre-auditing questions to be endorsed to PIC/Owners before arranging a date for the certification. The pre-audit will need to happen via video call.  *During the video call, the certified staff will need to ensure he/she goes through the audit questionnaire in detail. *A date is to be set for the actual audit day after the lockdown. The **Official Certificate* can only be given after the actual on-site audit. 

What is the benefit for Hotel / Property owners?

*Keeping premises and rooms clean and safe from viruses. *Keeping hotel staff healthy and guests are protected. *Faster demand recovery as hygiene standards become critical in the consumer booking journey. *Easy to implement and tech driven certification *Automated once achieved

Doing business with you is very pleasant for us, therefore we look forward to your participation in this certification program. For more information about this program, please contact your respective  property manager or you can send us an email at relationship-philippines@reddoorz.com

Together, let’s conquer the market again when it reopens. 

Warm Regards,

The RedDoorz Team

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