About RedDoorz

RedDoorz is Indonesia’s largest asset light, economy chain of hotels, inns, guesthouses and resorts. Due to our focus on technology both at the property level and for online distribution, we get confused with some hotel aggregators whose business models are different. We get asked often if we’re similar to ‘this rooms’ or ‘that rooms’. Well as they say, both Honda City and Mercedes are cars. They both have four wheels and transport people from point A to point B. However, it’s not the similarities between the two that matter – it’s their differences! We thought it might be a good idea to bring out the differences to put this matter to rest!

Our Business Philosophy

'We are an asset light hotel chain - not a hotel aggregator and not an online travel agent'

RD team

Value Proposition

RedDoorz finds properties with the potential to become quality listings and works directly with them to upgrade their quality. We control the complete inventory which we help distribute both online and offline, including corporate sales. Whether it is a couple of floors of an existing property or the full property itself, we take’em all. Moreover, we took it a step further – we do not just ‘list’ properties like some aggregators, but develop deep relations and long term contracts with property owners. We only handpick owners who are willing to upgrade to the RedDoorz brand experience and are committed to work with us for the long term. Our commitment and confidence in our brand allow us to work with properties with various financial models that are best suited for a particular asset owners need.

Think of RedDoorz as a ‘Marriot or Accor Hotels’ of the Digital space for economy hotels, where every room carries the consistency and familiarity of a singular brand experience, backed by an excellent loyalty program and 24X7 Customer service.

Three ways we differentiate ourselves from Hotel Aggregators:


We Help Properties Improve Their Quality and Get Offline Properties get an Online

Travellers love RedDoorz because of our Service Guarantee at attractive prices. Most properties we work with do not have an online presence and suffer from subpar quality. We provide professional coaching through training, audits and operational support such as delivery of standardised amenity kits periodically. Once the property is up to standard, we help them become a part of our distribution network of online and offline sales. We don’t stop there – we constantly monitor their performance and customer feedback to provide support to maintain their service quality.

Aini, an owner of a guesthouse Kos Aini for 3 years, is a happy recipient of the RedDoorz service: “Training was given to my guesthouse staff and it really helps us to manage our guesthouse better. The inputs and advise about how to enhance the rooms quality further is really hopeful to ensure the customer would experience a comfortable stay”

We are partners with world leading global and local /regional OTAs. We work hard with our partners at Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, PegiPegi, Ctrip, Goibibo – even Airbnb and offer them unique, previously unavailable inventory to offer to their customers. Hence, we consider ourselves as a strong partners to OTAs by bringing quality offline room inventory online, adding more variety to their assortment.

Our Brand Helps Increase Conversion

One of the biggest challenge for a small unknown hotel is conversion as travellers have no association with the brand. All properties that we work with are listed under the brand name of RedDoorz so that a customer who has stayed with us before in Indonesia will be more likely to stay in another RedDoorz in Singapore due to our promise of a consistent stay experience. This helps smaller properties acquire new customers by being part of a 500-property-Asset light hotel chain brand across South East Asia

Aini saw her guesthouse being transformed from an unknown property to one with loyal guests: “Thankfully, since meeting RedDoorz my guesthouse has become renowned among the public…more guests are starting to become loyal customers”.

We Help Properties Devote Their Full Attention to Delighting Customers

We help properties manage their revenue so that they are shielded from the volatility and dynamics of sales. However, we are more just the typical Sales & Marketing department in budget hotels – we are a team of ex-hoteliers focusing on revenue maximisation in the digital space through activities such as real time price monitoring, digital marketing, online distribution, branding, and 24-hour customer service.

This consolidation of specialised skills help us to be an efficient operation where we can serve more than 500 properties at the same time; whom many of them do not have the resources to invest in such activities. As a result, our property partners can focus wholly on providing the best staying experience for customers.

Aini couldn’t feel more relaxed: “I could rest easier since RedDoorz would handle all the reservation calls from the guests”. At the end of the day, nothing beats the comfort of a guaranteed profits “RedDoorz has proven to help me increase the sales rate of my guesthouse, giving me direct profits. It really comforts me to work with RedDoorz”

Winning the Hearts of Customers

RedDoorz properties are known for its good quality and consistent experience, and it is evident with superior ratings from their listing on hotel aggregators. Here are what some customers have to say about their experience:


“My first visit to Jakarta was a smooth sail all thanks for RedDoorz for. The 24x7 helpline assisted me finding my way to the hotel and we got all the services as promised. Kudos guys, great job.” Laryir Doye

“Besides having a strategic location, RedDoorz facilities are pretty complete- Comfortable bed, hot water, good air conditioning, WiFi access and TV cable. Big Thanks to RedDoorz” Anggereini Purba

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